Academic Atmosphere
The backbone of any institution is the education that is imparted there. The educational philosphy of the school is to provide a broad-based, career oriented education which revolves around the student so that they grow up to be well moulded individuals when they make their way in the world. The governing body of the school comprises of some of the most outstanding educationists of the country and they monitor the academic standards of the school. They have laid down an educational policy that is followed in all the educational working of the school. Special emphasis is laid on the mental, physical and spiritual growth of the child and special periods are alloted to moral science and personal hygiene that contribute to the overall development of the personality of the child.


Academic Time Table
The entire academic curriculum teaches the students to become compassionate and life long learners which enables them to understand the true of value of education. The academic timetable consists of eight study periods. As the school is day boarding; there is a period of one hour devoted to the completion of the daily homework. This has been done with the intention of lowering the burden of homework on the child. The students complete their homework under the supervision and guidance of the teachers.

Promotion Criteria
The entire academic year is divided into three terms. The students have to appear in unit tests in every term. At the end of every term the students have to appear in the term end examinations. The final result is based on the progress made in daily work, the average of the marks in the unit tests and the term examinations.

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