Co-Cultural Activities

Co-curricular activities are the backbone of any institution. This is a very wide area of activity that with academics and sports forms the third angle that makes for the success of a good school. One of the essentials of a good all round education is the provision of plenty of opportunities for students to develop self – confidence leadership qualities, personality, humility and care and concern for others. The school fulfils this aim through spread out programs of hobbies and spare time activities leading to the development of practical skills in handicrafts and industrial crafts. Each student has to spend at least one hour a week on any one hobby, which may be alternated by some other one after sometime.

We want to awaken cultural awareness and development of aesthetic senses through art music, drama, debates etc. Participation in inter house/inter school/inter district competitions is encouraged.

Visits and tours to educationally important areas such as research laboratories institutes, industrial units, historical monuments farms, stock exchanges, printing presses etc done from time to time. Talks are held by wide range of eminent people recognized in their respective areas.

Students are encouraged to take part in social awareness activities like tree plantation and other drives so that they can understand the value of society and nature and respect them.