The society that runs the school consists of both educationists and medical professionals who have a lot of experience in the medical sphere. So heatlh care is put in the top most priority. A section of the school curriculum focusses on heatlh awareness. Regular classes are  held  to  teach  children  about
health care.

Health camps are organized for regular check up of the students from time to time. Dental Camp, Eye Checkup Camp, ENT Camp, Heart Checkup Camp etc. are organized every year and reports are sents to the parents regularly. If any anomaly is found in any child, then the parents are suitably advised for the required treatment of the child. Free medicines are also distributed among the students. Special seminars are also organised during these checkup camps to further generate health awareness among the students.

Health is wealth and children of healthy parents will be fully conscious of the health of their chiidren. So an annual medical checkup for the parents is also organised. Medical facilities are available all the time on the campus for the students. A fully qualified doctor is available full time on campus to handle all sorts of medical problems.
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