Every discoing person realizes the value of a good education and therefore knows that it is the right school that provides the kind of education that he wants. The school is the nurturing place for a child, and consequently, it is the school that plays a vital role in a child's life. The product of a good school is visible through the fully developed personality of a person. Such a school must give balanced, future-oriented, child-centred and all-round education, making a good combination of academics and extra-curricular activities essential for character development. The school curriculum must be related to our environment, rooted in our own culture, all the while remaining in touch with the latest modem developments.

For this purpose, the Doon Valley Charitable Society based in Dehradun decided to set up a formal educational institution in an area in great need of such facilities. The management of Doon Valley Cambridge School, Zira, has opted to contribute their bit to education based on pure philanthropic motives. Their sense of commitment to the cause of education and belief that there is an absence of high calibre schooling made them establish this school in an area that was in great need of an excellent school to provide a good education for boys and girls.

The school's educational philosophy is to provide a broad-based, career-oriented education, which revolves around the student and is intensive so that they grow up to be well-moulded individuals when they make their way in the world. Many emphases are laid on the building of character through skills in the academic, aesthetic, and sporting field. It is a purpose that no effort has been spared in building excellent faculties and making sure that. The school is equipped with the best possible and most contemporary equipment. The best possible teaching has been brought in the school to provide the right environment for a good education.