Learning Environment

The purpose of the management is to create an environment in the school that conducive to learning. For this purpose, the sense of curiosity in a child is encouraged, so that the child tries to learn new things by himself. Various displays, exhibits, books etc, serve to add to the interest of students in various subjects and motivate them towards self–learning.

Learning Based On Multifarious Activities

A truly good education is one in which learning activity-oriented, mainly at the primary and middle school level. Emphasis in plenty of practical work and actual learning experiences rather than just bookish learning. The multifarious activities enhance the grasping power of students, which enable them to learn better. For instance in science, geography, etc a child can learn through multifarious activities.

Third Language

English is the medium of instruction in school and Hindi our national language since English is an international language, so special emphasis is given to written and spoken English. There is also a special provision for teaching of Hindi and Punjabi which is taught as the third language the course of study is the same as prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


Remedial Instruction

Those students who are weak in studies are given extra time either during co-curricular or activity or sports periods so that the child does not feel left out in the classroom. The need for this instruction may arise in case of continued absence from school.


In the future, when the children approach a juncture when they have to choose whether they want to be doctors, engineers, IAS officers or information experts we will provide good counseling to them so that they can make the right choice in their future careers.


Science Periods

Science classes are conducted in teaching laboratories in science a lot of affection is given to environmental studies. Scientific temperament is developed in the students.

Art, Craft And Music

In the school a lot of weightage is given to the participation of students in art, craft and music, periods are allocated to these activates as it considered necessary for students to be knowledgeable in all fields.


Project Work

Students are encouraged to take part in project work and at higher level students will participate in major school projects.

Several community development programs also form a part of the project work undertaken by the students from time to time.

General Knowledge

Today's child is very knowledgeable about many things and it is the duty of every teacher to enhance the child’s general knowledge, as this is a major requirement of the 21st century. Every competition requires the latest general knowledge and the school imparts this to every student.