Our Vision

The basic aim is to provide the best education possible. Therefore the educational programmed is student-centred, and the students are given full encouragement to develop their potential to the maximum. Our object to provide the best possible educational opportunities to the young ones and to develop the intellectual and create abilities in them. We want to instil scientific temper along with respect for human values and cultural ethics in the younger generation and to cultivate community feeling of justice and literacy.

We want to channelise the energy of students towards creativity and self-realisation. We would like to inculcate in children respect for seniors and children and also a sense of appreciation for our cultural heritage.

The school offers a full-day program of activities that are a mixture of academic, sporting and co-curricular activities that contribute to a truly broad-based comprehensive education. The curriculum takes care of the intellectual development of the student, with special attention given to preparation for higher studies.

The school promotes a cultural programmed that encourages the development of initiative responsibility decision making as well as their creative abilities and communication skills that teach the students to work independently and also in cooperation with others. Secularism is the basis of our school, and we teach our students to respect all religions. We also want our students to understand the rights and responsibilities involved in being responsible member of society.

We would like to teach ecological awareness to our students so that they have a sense of responsibility towards the endangered species of the world.