The aim of the school is to help students to avail of all facilities on the campus in the best possible manner. Separate recreation rooms equipped with the most advanced recreational facilities and indoor games have been provided to the students of each wing.It is ensured in all possible manner that the students make use of avaliable recreational facilities iin a proper manner.

Hobby Program


The school has a spread out program of hobbies and spare time activities leading to the development of practical skills in handicrafts and industrial units. It is compulsory for each student to enroll in any one hobby in every term. Each student has to spend at least one hour a week on any one hobby such as Dance, Judo-Karate, Singing/Music, Shooting, Art & Craft, Skating etc. which can be alternated by some other in the next term.



Celebration on various days like Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Independence Day etc.are organized and all students are encouraged to participate in them . All festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Gurpurab, Christmas etc. are also celebrated with full fervour. Birthdays of students are celebrated in the school and individual gifts are given to the students.

Recreational and Educational Tours


Recreational tours are organized for the enjoyment and knowledge increment of the students from time to time. Visits and tours to educationally important areas such as research laboratories, institutes, industrial units, historical monuments, farms, stock exchanges, printing presses etc. are done regularly.

Community Services


Students are encouraged to take part in social awareness activities like tree plantation and other community services activities so that they can understand the value of society and nature and respect them.