The school lays a lot of emphasis on sports and physical education program. This is important for the development of the all-round personality of the child. Games build character therefore every child is required to participate in them. In the school, playing devices are arranged in such a manner to provide all round mental and physical development.

The school has large play fields where facilities for sports such as Basketball, Badminton, Lawn-Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey and football etc, are given. Students are also taught Yoga, Meditation, Judo-Karate, Gymnastics, Skating etc. In the near future a swimming pool is being constructed on the school premises, as it is essential for modern day students. Regular inter house competitions are held from time to time to inculcate a competitive spirit among the students

The School program motivates students to maintain good health and fitness as a general rule. The students are taught to display fine sportsmanship and maintain a congenial behavior and friendly attitude towards other competitors on these sports facilities while playing. The School students are very active in sports and athletics